Your Newsletters

Newletters can be featured prominently in the "Care and Support" section of your CancerHelp Online website.

Increase the readership of your Newsletters for Patients with CancerHelp Online

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Access to your Newsletters for Patients, Family Members, and Caregivers. With CancerHelp Online, your patients have easy access to Newsletters with a “Newsletters” menu within your site’s custom “Care and Support” topics section.
  • Listing of both current and past issues. The latest issue of your Newsletter can be the top link on your Newsletters page. Older issues can be displayed just below letting users access any and all of the past issues.
  • Easy Downloading and Sharing of your Newsletters in PDF format on Mobile Devices. With your Newsletters in PDF format, they are easy to download to iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. The PDF format also makes it easy for your patients to share Newsletters with family and friends.
  • Creation of a Custom Registration Form for users to receive your Newsletter. Your custom form allows patients and caregivers to register their name, address and email address to receive “hard” copies and/or electronic versions of your Newsletter.
All of Essentia Health’s Caring Ways Newsletters are available on their CancerHelp Online website.
Caring Ways Newsletter webpage within Essentia Health’s custom “Care and Support” topics section.
Essentia Health’s custom form for registering to receive electronic copies of the “Caring Ways Newsletter”.