How This Helps Staff

Benefits to staff

Benefits to your Staff

CancerHelp Online provides:

  • Reliable information from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) written at a patient level using non-technical language in English and Spanish.

  • NCI cancer specific diagnosis and treatment information on over 100 types of cancer plus information on side effects, types of cancer treatments, and more.

  • An easy way to keep updated and make available information about your organization’s Care and Support Programs including ways to register for them.

  • Patient education content that can be individualized and recommended to patients through the patient portal.

  • An efficient and easy way to deliver and document patient education directly to patients through the email feature of their Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

  • Unlimited, 24/7 access for staff and patients via mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop computers.

  • The functionality of a “Cancer Patient Education App” when copied to a mobile device home screen such as an iPhone, iPad Tablet, or Android device.
St. Vincent CancerHelp Online website showing home page with circled button in top left for Spanish language access.
CancerHelp Online forms can be set up to register patients and family members for newsletters (as shown above) as well as programs and classes.
Patient receives email response to their question through their MyHealth EMR showing staff recommended links in a user friendly format. Selecting a link goes to the CancerHelp Online website.

You can send a link via text or email to share access to any content from CancerHelp Online viewed on an iPhone and iPad Tablet. (Similar for Android.)

You can save an icon for CancerHelp Online on the iPhone and iPad Tablet Home Screen (Similar for Android). The Home Screen icon helps the program run like an App for mobile devices.