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The CancerHelp Institute will create a free demo CancerHelp Online website for you to see and interact with.

Discover the Many Benefits of the CancerHelp Online Program with your Free Demo Website

Demo Site Benefits:

  • See how the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Patient Education Resources become a useful tool for your patients and staff.

  • Explore the 100 + cancer diagnosis and treament summaries for patients including the helpful medical illustrations.

  • Experiment with your own smartphones and tablets.

  • Involve your cancer patient education team and other staff in interacting with your own CancerHelp Online demo website.

  • Explore how samples of your custom content including handouts/fact sheets and newsletters can benefit your patient education outreach efforts.

  • Discover how online forms can help you register patients for programs, support groups or an email subscription to your newsletter.

  • Experiment with how easy it is to download NCI resources, such as “Eating Hints” or “Chemotherapy and You” to your own smartphone to read right away and go back to later.

  • Experience how easy it is to share publication downloads with others. You can send a link via text or email to share any content from CancerHelp Online viewed on an iPhone, iPad Tablet, and Android device.

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iPad view of CancerHelp Online showing the NCI Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects Fact Sheets.
Essentia Health’s Spring 2017 Caring Ways Newsletter promoting their conference, retreats, and new classes. All of their quarterly Newsletters are on their CancerHelp Online website going back to 2015.
CancerHelp Online forms can be set up to register patients and family members for newsletters (as shown above) as well as programs and classes.