Program Specifics

Services provided to CancerHelp Online subscribers

Each CancerHelp Online Subscriber Receives:

  • Web Pages with your Custom Content

Your CancerHelp Online site helps to showcase your programs and services. This content may include support groups, classes, survivorship programs, teaching handouts, fact sheets, newsletters, and more.

  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) Patient Education Resources

Your CancerHelp Online website provides NCI resources to your patients in an easy-to-use format that is mobile friendly for their devices. Your patients get NCI Cancer Information Summaries on over 100 types of cancer, the full NCI Publications Library, side effects fact sheets, and videos formated for their smartphones and tablets. These resources can be shared easily with family, friends, and caregivers.

  • Monthly Updates by the CancerHelp Institute

Updates by the CancerHelp Institute keep the NCI Resources and your Custom Content up-to-date. Your Custom Content includes your Care and Support Topics allowing you to keep current the dates, times, and descriptions of any program, support group, or class.

Screen shot of Florida Hospital’s “Care and Support Overview” web page explaining the type of cancer resources available at Florida Hospital.

Screen shot of Franciscan Health’s Custom “Care and Support” Content on their CancerHelp Online site showing their videos, programs, and custom handouts.

CancerHelp Online provides Cancer Information Summaries from the National Cancer Institute on treatments for over 100 types of adult and pediatric cancer in English & Spanish.

Custom posters and flyers from templates provided by the CancerHelp Institute.

On the poster on the left, note the customization with Florida Hospital Cancer Institute’s logo, web address, acknowledgment of their foundation’s funding and their QR Code which links Smartphone users to their website.

On the right, is the “Questions I Have Today” flyer which staff can use to help patients identify content they may want to access via CancerHelp Online.

Each Subscriber Receives (continued):

  • Your Own Web Address (.com or .edu)

  • Promotional Materials that help you spread the word about your CancerHelp Online Site.

We provide templates for posters and flyers and your own QR Code which links your SmartPhone users to your CancerHelp Online site.