Posters and Flyers

Market your CancerHelp Online resource.

Posters and Flyers from CancerHelp Online help you Spread the Word

Poster and Flyer Features & Benefits:

  • Promote the launch of your new CancerHelp Online Site. Text can be included to thank funding sources such as your hospital or organization’s Foundation and local service groups.
  • Highlight your Custom Content on your CancerHelp Online website.
  • Announce special events with details and sign-up form featured on the site.
  • Support volunteer efforts with patients and caregivers. The Volunteer Tip Sheet helps your volunteers educate patients and families about the CancerHelp Online resource.
  • Start your design with templates provided by the CancerHelp Institute. These templates can be customized and co-branded with the CancerHelp Online cloud logo and your organization’s logo. Or you can completely remove the CancerHelp Online logos and branding to make your site your own. In addition, you can incorporate graphic elements from the templates into your own design done by your graphics or marketing department. The CancerHelp Institute also provides you with your own QR Code graphic which links your Smartphone and Tablet users to your CancerHelp Online site.

Custom posters and flyers from templates provided by the CancerHelp Institute.

On the left, note the customization with Florida Hospital Cancer Institute’s logo, web address, acknowledgement of their foundation’s funding and their QR Code which links Smartphone users to their website.

On the right, is the “Questions I Have Today” flyer which staff can use to help patients identify content they may want to access via CancerHelp Online.

Customized Flyer for use in a plexiglas frame with business card holder to promote St. Vincent Cancer Care’s CancerHelp Online website.

Poster developed by Franciscan Health (from a CancerHelp template) announcing the launch of their CancerHelp Online website. Note the acknowledgment of the generous support of The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette and the Francisan Alliance Foundation at the bottom of the poster.

The Volunteer Tip Sheet is a document (created from a template provided by the CancerHelp Institute) that can be used by staff to teach patients and families about the location of content in CancerHelp Online. The template can include customization with your organization’s logo, QR Code, and web address.