Program Overview

What is CancerHelp Online?

What Is CancerHelp Online?

CancerHelp Online is a unique patient education website that is created by the CancerHelp Institute for each subscribing client hospital, cancer center, oncology program, etc. Each website has its own web address that reflects the name of the subscribing client.

Each CancerHelp Online website is mobile friendly and has 2 types of content:

  • Cancer patient education resources from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in English & 
  • Your patients get Cancer Information Summaries on over 100 types of cancer, the full NCI Publications Library, side effects fact sheets, and videos formated for their smartphones and tablets. These resources can be shared easiiy with family, friends, and caregivers.


  • Your organization’s custom Care and Support topics.
  • Your CancerHelp Online site helps to showcase your programs and services. This content may include support groups, classes, survivorship programs, teaching handouts, fact sheets, newsletters, and more.

The CancerHelp Institute, the producer of CancerHelp Online, is an official Content Distribution Partner of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). As an official partner, the CancerHelp Institute includes the best resources from the NCI in each custom CancerHelp Online website.

The screen shot above is what the patient sees first and is a tablet view of St. Vincent’s home page from their custom CancerHelp Online website.

CancerHelp Online screen showing the
alphabetical organization (A-B list) of Adult Cancers from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Smartphone view of Franciscan Health’s Custom Care and Support Content on their CancerHelp Online site showing their videos, programs, and custom handouts.