NCI’s Complete E-Book Patient Education Library is Now as Mobile as your Patients are

E-Books are easy to download and easy to share for patients and caregivers. And they help staff as a patient education resource.

E-Book Overview

The NCI’s E-Book Library of patient education topics provides a wealth of information for your patients. These publications, such as Eating Hints, Chemotherapy and You, and the What You Need to Know About Series give patients and caregivers answers to their important questions

E-Books Support Patient Education and Sharing with Others

Having these publication in E-Book format on your own custom patient education website means that your patients can easily browse the NCI’s library, select topics they want, and download these to store on their mobile devices. Both smartphones and tablets allow users to save PDF, Kindle, or EPub formats to apps to read and review later. These formats also allow patients to share these E-Books with family and friends so all are reading from the same reliable source.

Links to E-Books can go in EMR Messages

Having the NCI’s E-Book Library running from your custom CancerHelp Online website also allows you to use links to these E-Books in all EMR messages to patients and other EMR communications such as the After Visit Summary (AVS). These E-Book links can be selected from easy-to-use drop down menus, sometimes called smart phrases, so staff can specifically select titles for patient and caregiver individual needs. EMR messagaing such as this also gives patients a permanent record of these selected titles that they can reference now and at a later time.