How to Subscribe

Subscribing to the CancerHelp Online Program

What Are the Steps for Subscribing to the CancerHelp Online Program?

Subscription Checklist:

  • Learn more about how CancerHelp Online can be a useful tool for your staff so they can more easily share and recommend patient education to your patients. (View)

  • Share this patient education program idea with other staff. You can do this by requesting a CancerHelp Online Webinar (View) and requesting a Demo Site. (View)

  • Request a Quote by filling out the onscreen form to tell us about your patient education program. (View)

  • Get Funding Approval. See the “Tips for Funding” page (View) for ideas on how to approach your foundation with our help.

  • Identify custom content for your site and send it to the CancerHelp Institute. This can be teaching handouts, fliers, pamphlets, custom documents that you have produced at your organization, care and support program information regarding support groups, retreats, and survivorship days, newsletters, etc. The CancerHelp Institute can also create web pages on your CancerHelp Online website with links to your organization’s website and web pages.

  • Prepare for your CancerHelp Online Program launch with staff training either onsite or via webinars.

  • Prepare your CancerHelp Online Program marketing materials co-branded with your logo and the CancerHelp Online logo. Order business card sized cards and plexiglas frames to hold the cards for all exam rooms and waiting rooms.

  • See our marketing steps page for supporting your CancerHelp Online Launch.

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