Why Subscribe?

There are many reasons to subscribe to CancerHelp Online.

Have You or Your Staff Asked Any of the Following Questions?


  • How do I get access to The National Cancer Institute (NCI) patient education publications now that NCI is no longer printing and distributing them?
  • How do you redirect patients that have done “Google” Internet searches and are using inaccurate and/or inappropriate sources of medical information?
  • How do you standardize your patient education program by type of cancer so that all patients are receiving reliable, consistent information?
  • How do you highlight and recommend your patient education programs to your patients and families and have an easy way to sign up for them?
  • How can you and your staff use your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to recommend and deliver patient education to your patients?


If so, CancerHelp Online is the answer.


  • CancerHelp Online provides the full library of NCI’s patient education publications. All publications are mobile-friendly and can be shared easily with others electronically and saved to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. Patients can read and learn from electronic versions of these documents or print out hard copies.
  • With the CancerHelp Online Program, you can place flyers with business cards in each exam room to direct patients to your reliable, comprehensive source of cancer information. Nurses and doctors can give patients and caregivers a CancerHelp Online business card with the website address, QR Code for quick access as well as a description of what is on the site and how it can help them.
  • CancerHelp Online provides web pages with content chosen specifically by cancer type, eg. breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and pediatric & adolescent cancer. The information comes from the best National Cancer Institute patient resources and is updated monthly by the CancerHelp Institute. Your CancerHelp Online website can also be programmed to add to these disease specific cancer sections any custom patient education content that your organization has authored.
  • Your CancerHelp Online website has a special section that lists all of your patient care and support programs. These can include support groups, classes, survivorship days and programs, retreats, and newsletters – any content that you would like to us to add to your site. And your patients can register on-line for your programs via simple forms.
  • Nurses and physicians can easily respond to patient questions through your EMR with links to your CancerHelp Online website. Smart Phrases within the EMR can be created for the nurses to add CancerHelp Online links to recommend content using a pop-up menu. A Physician Resources link to your CancerHelp Online website can also be added within your EMR. This puts CancerHelp Online in a convenient place within the EMR for physicians to easily open and provide education, utilizing the NCI medical illustrations at the time of face-to-face appointments and for EMR messages to patients. (Our current experience is with EPIC systems, but these solutions should also be possible within other EMR systems.)

CancerHelp Online provides access to the complete library of NCI Publications. This is the opening screen that users see when accessing the NCI Publications section.

Plexiglas frame with business card holder and informative flyer make it easy for staff to direct patients to their comprehensive CancerHelp Online resource.

CancerHelp Online home screen showing the “Special Cancer Topics for Patients” section which bring together multiple sources of cancer information by cancer type. With this approach, breast cancer patients, for example, can easily find all of the breast cancer related information in one section.
Franciscan Health’s custom “Care and Support” section showing the list of their videos, programs, handouts, and resources.
Medical illustrations from CancerHelp Online’s NCI treatment statements in English and Spanish can be copied and pasted into the patient’s medical record, into a MyHealth Message (Epic system) to the patient and into an After Visit Summary.