What is CancerHelp Online?

Hand holding iPhone with NCI Fatigure Side Effects showing

CancerHelp Online is a unique website that is created by the CancerHelp Institute for each subscribing client, hospital, or cancer center. Each website has its own web address that reflects the name of the client.

What Patient Education Content is in CancerHelp Online?

Each CancerHelp Online website has 2 types of content:

1. Patient information and resources from the National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The CancerHelp Institute, the producer of CancerHelp Online, is an official Content Distribution Partner of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). As an official partner, the CancerHelp Institute is able to include the best resources from the NCI in each custom CancerHelp Online website.

CancerHelp Online has the following topics from the NCI specifically for patients and caregivers.

  • NCI Diagnosis and Treatment Information
  • NCI Managing Cancer Side Effects – Chemotherapy
  • NCI Managing Cancer Side Effects – Radiation Therapy
  • NCI EBooks and Publications Library for Patients
  • NCI Cancer Treatment Types Information
  • NCI Videos for Patients

To view these NCI resources on the CancerHelp Online Demo Site, Click Here.

2. Custom content that feature each subscriber’s special programs for cancer patients and caregivers.

The CancerHelp Institute creates web pages for each CancerHelp Online website with the subscriber’s custom content.

Examples of this custom content include:

  • Patient/caregiver handouts
  • Fact sheets and reference documents
  • Support groups and classes including how to register
  • Retreats for patients and family members
  • Survivorship programs
  • Newsletters
  • Community resources
  • Your cancer center YouTube videos
  • Other topics of interest to cancer patients