Tips for Funding

Learn about how to receive foundation funding and how to share the cost with other departments.

CancerHelp Online is a Resource Perfectly Suited to Foundation Funding

Tips for Receiving Foundation Funding

    • Request a Webinar and then a Demo CancerHelp Online website. It is important to have interest and support within your own organization AND a demo website to show BEFORE you contact any potential funding organizations.
    • Contact your organization’s Foundation and local charitable groups (like Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.) and ask whether there are any funds available. Some groups are always looking for worthy projects and public service activities to fund.
    • Contact the CancerHelp Institute to schedule a presentation to your potential funders of CancerHelp Online and a tour of your Demo Site. We can also highlight the ways that funding sources can be thanked and recognized like adding acknowledgement statements and links from your CancerHelp Online site to the Foundation’s donation web page.
    • Before funding is obtained, provide presentations about CancerHelp Online to the funding group. Educate them about how CancerHelp Online is a resource for their community. After funding is obtained, share statistics provided by the CancerHelp Institute on the utilization of the website.
    • Be sure to acknowledge your funding source (with their permission) in all posters, flyers, and patient education communications about CancerHelp Online. This may help the organization raise money from cancer patients and families that want to acknowledge the care and support they and their loved ones received. Include an acknowledgment of your funding source on your CancerHelp Online website.

    Tips for Sharing the CancerHelp Online Subscription Costs with one or more Departments

    • Identify a department or group that you would like to partner with such as Pediatrics or GYN Oncology. Any cancer specialty or group would be appropriate that is committed to cancer patient education.
    • Contact the CancerHelp Institute and request a webinar and a free demo website to be created for your organization. The purpose of a demo website is to give your staff a chance to interact with it on their Smartphones and tablets, learn about the award winning NCI content in CancerHelp Online, see how easy it is to download NCI publications, reflect on what custom content they would like to be placed on the site and more. The webinar also includes a review of poster and flyer templates available to help you market your CancerHelp Online website to your patients, caregivers and staff.
    • Identify and select cancer content (custom handouts/fact sheets/teaching materials) that have been created by that department or specialty area. The CancerHelp Institute can add that additional cancer content to the “Special Cancer Topics for Patients” area on the home page of the demo website.
    • Provide the CancerHelp Institute with “Care and Support” information like classes and support groups, survivorship programs, newsletters, etc. The CancerHelp Institute can add your custom “Care and Support” content to your demo website.
At the bottom of this CancerHelp Online webpage, there is an acknowledgment of the funding provided by the Florida Hospital Foundation. This page also encourages users to make a gift to the Foundation and gives the link to the Foundation webpage. Your foundation (and other funding sources) can be acknowledged with logos and web links on your CancerHelp Online website.
Essentia Health Foundation raises money every year through the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. Some of the funds raised support Essentia’s CancerHelp Online website. Note the acknowledgment of the Dragon Boat Festival and the Foundation’s generous support on this flyer announcing the launch of CancerHelp Online.