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NCI E-Books and Publications – 15 of 47

NCI’s full library of patient education E-Books and publications are available in CancerHelp Online. (15 of 47 publications shown above.) 26 E-Books are also available in Spanish.

NCI’s E-Book Library is a Valuable Patient Education Resource for your Patients

NCI E-Books and Publications Library has been an important patient education resource for over 20 years. These booklets such as “Eating Hints for Cancer Patients,” “Chemotherapy and You,” and “Radiation Therapy and You” are award winning titles that are favorites of staff and patients.

Now that the NCI no longer prints these publications, having them available to your staff and patients, in CancerHelp Online’s easily accessible electronic format, is critical. With CancerHelp Online, patients, caregivers, and staff can read and print these publications from the PDF format wherever they are – in your cancer center or at home on a desktop or laptop computer.

These publications can also be download to iPhones, iPad Tablets, and Android devices for immediate and future use. NCI publications accessed on iPhones, iPad Tablets, and Android devices can also be easily shared with family, friends, and caregivers via text and email.

E-Books from the NCI are an Important part of CancerHelp Online’s “Special Cancer Topics for Patients.”

The “Special Cancer Topics for Patients” in CancerHelp Online provide a helpful way for topics to be brought together to make it easy for users to access in one place all the types of cancer information for a given topic. For example, the “Chemotherapy Information for Patients” section includes the NCI publication, “Chemotherapy and You”, the 18 “Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects Fact Sheets” and chemotherapy drug information from either or whichever site you prefer.

To see the “Special Cancer Topics for Patients” in action, select from the following links:









All NCI E-Books can be downloaded in PDF format to read now and view later. Most are also in Kindle and E-Pub format.
All NCI E-Books can also be downloaded in PDF format to desktop and laptop computers to read now and view later.
The CancerHelp Online “View Demo Page” buttons above for NCI’s E-Books enable you to see and interact with the E-Books webpages. See what it is like for your patients to have the NCI E-Books with them wherever they go.