AdventHealth CancerHelp Online iPad Education Teaching Tool

Helping to Standardize Patient Education for Oncology Departments

iPad Education Teaching Tool – New Fields to Add

Based on input from January 2019 AH webinar

Add new fields for iPad “New Pathway” screen

  • Pathway Type
  • Location Type:
    • Infusion Center
    • Inpatient Room
    • Dedicated Educator
  • Patient Type:
    • Newly Diagnosed
    • Regimen Change
    • Reoccurrence
  • Location:
    • Orlando
    • Altamonte
    • Winter Park
    • East Orlando
    • Celebration
    • Kissimmee

Conference Call and Collaboration with IT

Learn Best Practices for iPad Use at AdventHeatlh

Discussion Topics:

  • Connecting to WiFi at different hospitals and clinics
  • WiFi – use public or secure
  • Recommendations for charging when not in use
  • Options for Printing
  • How to install Kiosk Pro and Otterbox covers/case
  • Mobile Device Management (How iPads can be updated remotely)

Kiosk Pro Configuration

How to best setup iPads for Staff and Patient use

iPad Kiosk Pro Settings:

  • Buttons on main screen
  • PDF viewer
  • Printing Capability?
  • Security

iPad Education Learning Tool Testing and Rollout

How to make sure nurses have the best and easiest to use tools

Phases for Nurse iPad Testing:

  • Pre Phase – Put Working Demo on CancerHelp iPad and send to AH for testing/evaluation (with Nora or staff recommended by her)
  • Phase 1 – Test with 2 to 3 Navigators: Get feedback and program iPad App changes
  • Phase 2 – Start Rollout with 1 or 2 very interested departments: Get feedback and program iPad App changes
  • Phase 3 – Rollout to all Nurse Educators – (Maybe identify “leaders” in each department that can help others if they have problems/questions. We could do a “train-the-trainer” webinar with these leaders to prepare them for the full rollout.