CancerHelp Online

CancerHelp Online is a mobile friendly, cancer patient education program that combines the best patient resources from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in English & 
Spanish and your organization’s custom Care and Support topics.

Customize your CancerHelp Online for a Mobile Friendly Patient Education Program for Patients and Caregivers

With CancerHelp Online, you can have the NCI’s best patient education resources and your organization’s custom care and support topics.

Give Your Patients a
CancerHelp Online®
Prescription for Learning

With CancerHelp Online, your
EMR becomes a tool for
delivering patient education
directly to your patients.

Why are the National Cancer Institute Resources are so important for your patients?

With the NCI’s resources running on your own CancerHelp Online website, you give your patients a complete and always up-to-date patient education program. CancerHelp Online NCI’s resources are completely mobile friendly, so your patients and caregivers can take their patient education wherever they go.